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Babylon Death Party

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"Since 2010 Kook Teflon has been gathering the Covens, Occultists, Knitting circles,Ghede,Outcasts,Fine art, First timers n' Ol Timers,Show Offs n sincere underbelly creatures to meet around the fire and within the walls of decrepit social royalty to meet one another and charm each-other in the darkest corners so that we can all feel the light of each other"

Kook has been attending party's where strange customs prevail on her own since the summer of 1986. By age 15 and the end of the 80's and into the millennium she was frequenting nite spots in SF on Haight Street, Queer Oakland Ware-haus Party's, Musty Basements of NOLA, Full Moon Gatherings on the beaches of Santa Cruz.

From Desolate Orchards to Posh Abodes there was always something missing, she wanted more cross-pollinating of genres,practices n visual stimulation's with artists,practitioners,film makers,visual artists n beyond.

Thus the birth of Babylon Death Party's. The first one took place inside of a 10 foot Moroccan vagina. Currently October 13th, 2017 BDP #18 will be legal...





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