Kook Teflon in Ritual at Mudlark Theater New Orleans , Louisiana 2018

Kook Teflon in Ritual at Mudlark Theater New Orleans , Louisiana 2018


Liberating yourself from Ancestor & Family Shadows n' Karma

I am offering in person consults,

tarot readings & ancestor sessions at:

Galerie Vinsantos

811 Royal Street

French Quarter/New Orleans

Friday & Sundays 2pm-6pm

Appt: Paynecreations@gmail.com

Walk-Ins Welcome

We are the voices that our grandmothers couldn't have!!! Releasing any lineage connected with Trauma,misogyny, abuse and toxic traits...

To begin your work and release the lineage & family trauma/habits/stories so that you can live your best self. Often we carry the traumas, toxicity and habits of our ancestors. The story is either hidden or told over and over as each new generation is born. There is always the age old "family Curse". But we have the power to change these addictions,outcomes and paths for ourselves! Boundaries are key and I will help you develop them and kick out any energy that is not in your best interest!

In these four week sessions we will meditate with deceased family, research(online), communicate with any living relatives, have homework and finish the final session with a fire and healing ceremony!

I will be upfront and state that this is intense work, and some of our ancestors can be unsavory, but denying the shadows is toxic and co-dependent behavior. I have grown so much during my focused work & now certification in this and am happy to share with everyone that is ready!

I always offer sliding scale for my sessions. These specific quadruple sessions are up to 90 minutes each and are $120 for each sitting. Or $380 paid up front in full, plus personalized "Trinity Remedies" that includes "conjure oil n incense & spirit bath" $45

I have a certification for this work through the founder of this healing process Sara Wiseman





Ancestor n Mentor Poppet Building & Spiritual Altar Workshops w/ Kook Teflon

Fall 2019

New Orleans
Pre-Register at Paynecreations@gmail.com
$75-120 sliding scale (paypal & venmo)
$25.00 material fee
( i will provide doll forms and spirit herbs n such)
Bring scissors and other items mentioned

Reserve your spot now
Contact: paynecreations@gmail.com

Ancestor Dolls are a great spirit vessel and can be used as healing tools, talisman or as an altar. In this workshop we will each connect with our specific ancestors . We will begin each class with an hour long talk and lessons with your chosen ancestor/mentor and how to best honor and feed their altars!

In this series i am also welcoming folks that don't feel connected with their family but have a mentor that empowered them that has passed. 

Our ancestors are our blood n bones and if you feel connected to them great,
But if not know that what fuels our spirit are persons that have mentored us or givin us that extra igniting push, if you have one thats passed please join us!

I will also create an example of altars for intention and protection and to keep that connection after a loved one has passed..

These dolls are not for children and must be attended to as you would an altar. 

Honoring the poppet with food, incense,liquor ,tobacco,conversation etc.

Traditional ancestral dolls normally have no face, if you have a piece of clothing or small item to include from the deceased it can be used along with organic accessories so they have physical items to direct their intentions.
One of the most important pieces of this poppet will be the paper petitions placed inside of it. Which will include

Names of family members that you know of that are deceased
Their relation to you
Things they liked such food or drink,music etc

Some people find these poppets/dolls easier to work with than an altar and are less upkeep. Though be mindful that it is treated with respect and should be taken with you on travels and introduced to any new family or household members.
This poppet/doll is a commitment and will be a lifelong object that can be become a family heirloom and keep the spirit n stories of your family that has passed alive for generations.

* Clothes/Hair/notes/jewelry belonging to a deceased family member or a fresh white cloth), 

* Rosemary (remembrance), 

* Althea leaves or root (marshmallow, for benevolent spirits)

* Wormwood (calling beyond the veil & spirits)

* Dandelion root (communication with the dead)

your hair/nail clippings/dead skin/teeth/etc. 
(summoning, inviting and connection)

* Balm of Gilead (for spirit manifestation)

* Graveyard dirt (from a crossroad in a cemetery)

Kook Teflon has been a working artists for nearly two decades and is a hoodoo practitioner, root worker, spiritual healer,certified paranormal investigator,curator of queer artistic gatherings,a mother of two and a protector of outcasts.
As a teacher she also prides herself in constantly learning new techniques & ways to enhance her work from elders & youth as a practitioner and artist. Kooks daily intentions are to helping others be thee most bad-ass's they can be.


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